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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GDI Coop - Rocks Your GDI Building In A New Level !

The Best Way To Build Your GDI Downline!

The GDI Coop is for both NEW and EXISTING GDI Members.
This is where we are different than any other system on the internet that promotes GDI!

We will help advertise your GDI business until you
receive 6 - 1st level GDI referrals.

Then we will stop advertising your GDI downline
and advertise your 6 - 1st level referrals' GDI

Step 1:

Join GDI for $10 a month.

Click on the Big Red Button on the GDI COOP Page

here: >>>

Step 2:

Once you are a GDI member, then become a
GDI COOP member for $3.50 a month.

Click on the Green Button that says,
'ALready a GDI member?' and then use the payment button.

Step 3:

After you are a GDI Coop member you
have the option to become a GDI Auto-Pilot Member
for $7.00 a month.

After logging into your GDI Coop membership site,
you'll see the simple instructions on how to
pay the $7.00 for the Auto-Pilot option. Click on the
Auto-Pilot tab and you are on your way.

Total cost to run your business:
$10 for GDI. *GDI pays you $1 per-member down 5 levels
$3.50 for GDI Coop. *GDI Coop pays you $.5 per-member down 5 levels
$7.00 for Auto-Pilot option. * Auto-Pilot pays you $1 per-member down 5 levels

equals = $20.50 a month total. **With Three (3) Streams Of Income!

So for $20.50 a month you have the potential
to be earning a $9,330 + or more a month.

Plus the potentioal income from GDI COOP!

That's a good investment!

The more members that join, the faster the
duplication will happen and the sooner you'll
get to the goal of earning $9,330 a month.

To get more info or to join go to:

If you join my team, you will be joining one of the fastest
growing teams in the GDI Coop!

Join The Best Way To Build Your GDI Downline!

Your Partner in Unlimited Success,
Andreas Karlsson
GDI Super Sponsor

Monday, January 10, 2011

GDI Coop - Amazing Work From Home Opportunity.

GDI Coop - The Best Way To Build Your GDI Downline!

All My Traffic Goes To The Team,  Now Is a Good Time To join.

what is GDI? (Global Domains International)
GDI is a fantastic online internet business opportunity
that has been generating a good income for its members a long time.

What is GDI Coop?
A Powerful System Allows You Make Money While You Promote GDI.
Let the whole group help you promote your GDI business.
Once you join, the whole team will advertise your business for free.

Even if you have NEVER made any money before in a home based
business, you could start right now!
If you want to succeed with GDI you need to check this out.
My life has completely changed since i joined, now its fun to build !

You will get 6 people from GDI Coop To your downline.

--> We will add your GDI user name to our rotator

--> You will Make Income from Two Site's

--> Works The Same As GDI 6 X 5 Filled Matrix

--> Already In GDI? No Problem You Can Still Build Your Downline
--> Potential to earn $9,300 a Month or more is possible.

You can have everything you want in life,
if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
Thats the way we think at GDICoop.
Every member helps each other build their GDI downline.
So we All Succeed!

Interested to see more?

Get started right Now start build your Income for Life!

Best regards,
Andreas Karlsson
GDI Super Sponsor